LM Woman / Cyndle Komarovski

Cyndle Komarovaki is a woman of many talents. Born and raised in Boston, she moved to NYC at the tender age of 19 to pursue a career in makeup after being inspired by it’s transformative nature through the punk rock scene.  She has an approach to her career that is unorthodox and zealous - extending her skill-set to work as Creative Director in content and motion.  Through her fresh approach to beauty and intrinsic understanding the modern day media space, Cyndle has made (and starred in) fun films for Chanel, Barney’s and the NYTimes, for which she is an ambassador.

We meet with Cyndle at on a Winter’s morning at Brooklyn’s Cafe Colette for fresh orange juice and avocado on toast.  She is warm and softly spoken yet laser focused as she talks with us about her world.


You work not just as a makeup artist but also as a creative director, working in content and motion. You're also an ambassador for Chanel, you even model in tutorials for publications like the NYTimes. How do you maintain that drive and diversity in your job? Are there parts you love more than others?

I've never been the type of person who could do the same thing for too long. I find the mix of everything really energizing. Sometimes a random encounter will spark a creative idea for a video. I really love this part of my job. Having an idea and then realizing it is rewarding and fun! I do a lot of these things on myself and by-myself, because in a way it gives me more freedom to experiment and work through an idea. Also because its very efficient, I know my face very well.

What do you most love about film and motion?

I love how film can tap into your senses, the lighting, the music, the expression of the face and how it changes. It gives you an almost tangible feeling. For example something as simple as taking a photo of a face cream is one thing, but then showing it in motion can convey a completely different sensation and tell a story. I also love how you really need to consider everything you are doing because there is no hiding in film.


Can you tell me more about your role with Chanel? 

I started my partnership with Chanel about a year ago, and it has been such an amazing journey with them. I am a "Chanel Makeup Artist" who acts as a brand ambassador essentially.  I create content around the Chanel Beauty products that inspire me the most and I communicate with the press about ways to use them. I also work with celebrities for red carpet etc.. 


You produce work that is innately feminine, classic and delicate - both your makeup portfolio and your motion works.  How would you describe your eye?

My foundation is to try and enhance the beauty of the person I am working on. I really take my time perfecting the skin and avoid making it look to 'cosmetic'. When the skin is looking beautiful and natural, you can start playing with the details. I never want to make someone look weird or ugly on purpose, I try and find a feminine balance in anything I am doing even if do paint someone's eyelids yellow!

Do you have a favourite professional memory or career highlight?

The joy in working in this field is that you are able to collaborate and meet so many inspiring people. This one time I was working with supermodel Amber Valetta for an editorial in LA, and I caught myself staring at her like a creep while applying moisturiser to her face. I had to apologise to her and confess that she has been my favourite model of all time and I cannot believe I am applying moisturiser to her face! It was a really funny moment, she laughed and thanked me. That was the first time that starstruck feeling happened to me, I am usually really good at being very professional and neutral!


Makeup and beauty can be transformative, ritualistic and empowering in everyday life for a woman.  Can you describe your personal relationship with beauty?

Makeup gives you the power to create a character!  Whether you decide to wear a strong lip, bold eye, or just keeping it clean and polished, you feel more confident. If am having bad day or wake up feeling crappy, I like to wear a red lip. The intense color changes my mood and acts almost like caffeine for the face! Makeup can be very powerful.


I want to ask you all for all the beauty tricks and products in the world you use, because your skin literally glows! But what are 3 beauty rules you swear by, and 3 products you couldn't live without?

I have to thank my mom for my skin! She really taught me the importance of taking care of yourself, mind body and all!  Never go to bed with your makeup on, drink a ton of water, and wear SPF everyday.  I couldn't live without biologique recherche P50 (acid exfoliation), my eyebrow pencil and Chanel UV Essential SPF 50


Who is your ultimate beauty icon?

Isabella Rossellini. She oozes femininity and sexuality yet has a masculine side to her I find so alluring. She can wear any makeup look and still maintain such a strong classic elegance.


What do you most love about living in NYC? 

The energy and fast pace! It keeps you striving to do more and better yourself. It can also be very exhausting though. You need to take breaks and leave town to recharge your batteries.


Best beauty pick-me-up?

Spritzing your face with a hydrating mist and applying a fresh coat of lipstick.


What does happiness embodied in one day look like for you?

I would be with my husband on the island of Maui laying on the beach drinking a Kronenbourg Blanc! Nothing is more relaxing to me then being by water and hearing the sound of the waves as cheesy as that might sound.


Tell me about a woman in your life that inspires you...

My mother, Judith. She is the most hard working person I have ever met. She sacrificed so much for her children as a single mother and I would not be where I am now if it wasn't for her encouragement and support to always take a risk! I love her to the moon!


What are you most passionate about lately?

Trying my hardest to avoid single use plastic.


Can you share something really great you've read recently?

I recently read an article about how the expectations we put on people can hinder their ability to perform to their full potential- its called The Pygmalion Effect. I thought this was a humble reminder that if you treat people with encouragement and positivity the world could be a much happier place!