LM Collaboration / Sophie Penkethman-Young

An emerging photographic and mixed media artist, Sophie Penkethman-Young is one to watch.  

Raised in the leafy suburbs of Canberra, Sophie's childhood was spent influenced by feminine artists; from attending the twilight dinner and jam sessions of her mother’s bohemian friends to seeing her grandmother design oversized public gardens and flower festivals. 

Following a brief stint as a classical Double Bassist and the front woman of a Nirvana cover band, she naturally found her way to ANU School of Art where she majored in Photomedia, which led to an Honours year at University of Sydney College of the Arts. a profound influence on the works she produces currently. With multimedia works spanning documentation of melancholy wilting flowers to all engulfing large format video exhibitions, both familiar and overwhelming, Sophie’s portfolio of contemporary expression is both innovative and insightful.
After collaborating with Sophie for the opening video to our MBFWA SS1516 show, it's a pleasure to Sophie's body of work flourishing, with successful exhibitions both locally and abroad. 

Watch the video here: