Solovair Size Guide

Calculate your Solovair size:

Please note, Solovair's shoe sizing differs to other retailers and refers to the internal foot-beds of their footwear, the average foot width and the type of last used.

We strongly recommend customers measure their feet using the below guide before purchasing, and to double-check their foot measurement for each footwear style as shoe last shapes may differ.

UK (Solovair)

3 21 4 23.9
4 22 5 24.9
5 23 6 25.8
6 24 7 26.8
7 25 8 27.6
8 26 9 28.4
9 27 10 29.2
10 28 11 30

How to measure your feet:

You will need a sheet of paper larger than your foot, a pencil and a ruler 

  1. Wearing socks, stand on your paper and make a mark at the end of your longest toe and the back of your heel. For accuracy, keep your heel at a 90° angle and use a hard flooring surface as opposed to carpeted areas. Take care not to draw your markings underneath your toe which will result in inaccurate calculations. 
  2. Join up the marks with a straight line and measure the length of your foot. We recommend measuring both feet and using the longest measurement if your feet length differ.
  3. Add approximately 7-8 mm / 0.25″ to your length measurement to accommodate tolerance.
  4. Referring to the size chart find the closest (largest) dimension in the foot length column. The last number can be found in the details on each product page.
  5. Purchase the UK size related to the length dimension. We advise those who measure in-between sizes to purchase the larger size alongside a removable insole if half sizing is not available.