LM Collaboration / Stansborough Wool

Lee Mathews and Stansborough have collaborated to create two colourways of our favourite Stansborough blanket. Produced sustainably in New Zealand and designed by the LM team. Inspired by the colour palette of our new collection.

Derived from one of the rarest sheep in the world, Stansborough Grey produces soft and lustrous wool with a silk-like finish that is uniquely coloured. The company is owned by couple Cheryl and Barry Eldridge who founded it in 1991 and now run the business with their family. Living on Eldridge's farm is not just a small flock of sheep but also a heard 80 alpacas. The farm has foresty plantations and native bush reserves to cancel out the carbon footprint and also produces a growing amount of honey.

Cheryl, individually hand separates the wool herself once sheered into 3 different shades of grey. Where colour is used, the yarn is not bleached but left its grainy natural form and only biodegradable dyes are used, making the colour slightly different each time. The mill itself uses traditional looms from the 1890s

Made by our neighbours in limited quantities. Shop Stansborough X Lee Mathews now.