LM Collaboration / R+D Lab x Lee Mathews

In close collaboration with the artisans at R+D Lab creative studio in Italy, the Lee Mathews x R+D Lab blanket collection combines the workmanship of craftsmen with innovative design to create a blanket that is perfectly contemporary for everyday luxury.

Handmade entirely in Italy, each blanket is produced from the highest quality natural fibers and woven by historical fabric mills using
 techniques that are centuries old. The innovation of the design comes from a modern approach in combination of colours and patterns. The result of this process gives each piece a simple elegance. Every blanket is unique and has been selected with the greatest care.

These blankets are woven using a shuttle loom from natural linen, cashmere and silk with a double warp and double weft construction to create a tubular blanket with two sides connected only by the selvage indicated in a contrasting cashmere yarn. This results in a very unique blanket with two sides, one of soft and cozy cashmere, the other crisp and cool linen.

Working together with Lee, R+D Lab aspired with this collection to achieve an intimate elegance reflected in the rationalist architecture that gives identity to Milanese style. The influence can be seen in the clean lines of the pieces and can be identified in the expression of its forms. The designs speak to the core of R+D principles; pure, thoughtful, functional and purposeful.

Watch the production process below.

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