Day in the life No. 4 / Mel

A day in the life with our Newport store manager, Mel.

— Sydney.

How has your home adapted during this pandemic?

As home is now where my partner and I spend 99% of our time, we have both come to appreciate our little cottage in the hills of Newport so much more! Being able to take the time to just sit, stare out into the ocean in the distance and make friends with our neighbourhood wildlife has been so soothing for the soul... I feel very lucky and grateful to be living in our little home in this beautiful area of Sydney. 

What is the best thing you have watched so far?

Surprisingly I haven’t watched a lot of TV, instead reading and doing other activities to keep busy. When I need a laugh however, I love the French series “Call My Agent” on Netflix, which also helps satisfy my craving to travel and return to Paris! I am also very much looking forward to the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s “Normal People” later this month, as I loved the novel so much. 

How are you staying connected to your community?

I am loving my long daily neighbourhood walk - I always seem to pass a neighbour or a lovely Lee Mathews customer, and it’s so nice to see familiar faces and have a quick chat. My walks seem to get longer every day and I’m always discovering new routes. As always, I love finishing up my walk with a takeaway coffee at my favourite local coffee shop.

How has your routine changed?

Waking up every day without an alarm has been life-changing! The first couple of weeks I found myself quite anxious, however, am slowly settling into a routine - If I’m up early, I love to have a coffee on our deck and watch the sunrise. Somehow this is something I have never managed to do before! I spend my mornings walking, then working on my latest art project. I have the time to touch base with family and friends over the phone, and by late afternoon I’m actually excited to prepare dinner - I’m enjoying cooking new things, however we mostly cook our usual comforting favourites. Its also nice to head off to bed whenever I’m ready, instead of trying to get in by a certain time, and find I am sleeping so much better as well.

What are you wearing every day?

I am definitely wearing no make-up and dressed for comfort! Usually, it’s my Lee Mathews Vince sweatshirt and some comfy shorts or pants, however, I’m looking forward to the cooler weather when I can snuggle up in my new Lee Mathews Cashmere Turtleneck. I am loving popping on my Jamie Top on the occasion I need to leave the house, and keep my Maddy Dress hanging on the back of my bedroom door to look at - I think it’s my favourite Lee Mathews piece ever and I miss wearing it!

Have you discovered a new creative outlet?

I feel like EVERYONE has taken up pottery in iso - myself included! I have LOVED making things with clay - It’s such a relaxing, grounding process and feels amazing to make functional objects with my own hands. It has taken a lot of experimenting and trying to remember what I learnt in my high school visual arts class, however it has been something I have enjoyed working on every day. I also just purchased some paint and canvas, so that’s the next project...

Are you enjoying slowing down?

I have - I honestly can’t say I have been bored once. The first few days and weeks of anxiety have turned into me looking forward to the day - there’s always something to do, organise in the house, a walk to take or a friend to call. Even though it’s so worrying, it's also a period which we may never see again in our lifetime, so I’m trying to be grateful for the opportunity to slow down, heal, and hopefully come out of this seeing life with a fresh perspective.

Who are you most excited to see when life returns to normal?

Everyone! I will never again take for granted a normal workday at Lee Mathews, chatting with colleagues and customers, regular catch ups with friends and family, and travelling overseas to see much loved and missed family in Europe.