A day in the life with Lee Mathews

How has your 'everyday' changed in the midst of this pandemic?

'Necessity is the Mother of invention’ they say. Working from home has become the stuff of normal existence. My everyday consists of making something up to keep in touch with our customers and friends. Whether it's inviting them into the kitchen to see what we are making or sharing what we are reading and working on.

What is something you are looking forward to?

We are about to launch our homewares online and it was actually a bit of a learning curve pulling this together... alone.
Setting it up, taking pictures and making sure it looked okay…I enjoyed it a lot! But although in many ways it feels like the worst time to start something completely new it also feels important right now to go back to the basics, so I am really looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

How has your role changed? 

With the lack of shoots going on with distancing restrictions, I have started helping out and doing more of the imagery. Its interesting creating content, its like telling a story visually, which is your only means of communication right now. Trying to give a sense of the moment is challenging. My perspective has changed completely through this experience. I feel like I have returned to the beginning when this business was really run off a kitchen table and everything was made from home.

What has been your daily uniform?

Our workroom collection for sure. Workroom is close to my heart, the staple cotton pieces were the first things I ever made when I started the business and it's been really meaningful to bring them back into the collection. It's comforting to wear simple things that feel like they fit the occasion or rather no occasion!

What has been helping you get through isolation?

Lots of cooking, like the rest of the world, and endless walking of mad corgis has also helped keep some normality.