LM Woman #1 / Saskia Havekes

It's been a busy few years for Saskia Havekes, most notably with the launch of Madagascan Jasmine at Fenwick in London and the release of her fourth book, ‘Flower Addict’. For this portrait, Saskia’s team gracefully converted the front of her Pott Point floristry into a bloom-laden wonderland. Watching them at work felt like Alice tumbling into another more magical, botanical world. 

Grandiflora’s first fragrance is aptly titled Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine, the latter name a homage to the world-renowned fragrance composer Sandrine Videault. The second fragrance, Magnolia Grandiflora Michel is named after Michel Roudnitska with whom Saskia also composed her third and latest fragrance Madagascan Jasmine. 

Saskia asked Michel to interpret the Madagascan jasmine or Stephanotis floribunda, a lesser-known jasmine noted for its deep green leaves and waxy skinned petals, a firm favourite at Grandiflora. Michel describes the perfume he created with Saskia as a “typical heart fragrance”, composed by “trying to reproduce my feeling about the flower”. The arrangement is a perfume with a jasmine core, combined with subtle watery green notes and threads of musk. A fragrance that evokes summer, like a drenched flower freshly cut.  

For this portrait Saskia chose to wear the Aida Silk Shirt, noting that it made her feel “real, strong and feminine”, a personification of Saskia herself. 

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Saskia Havekes

Grandiflora display

Grandiflora Display

Grandiflora Madagascan Jasmine fragrance